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jacobsenIf there’s a world recession in progress, then someone forgot to tell Carlsberg about it. While many companies are slashing prices, the Danish brewer has unveiled the world’s most expensive beer. Priced at 2008DKK (approx USD$350), the Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 is a limited edition brew for any beer drinkers who still feel like splashing out.

The beer is a 10.5% ABV Barley wine and is mostly targeted at up-scale restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark. Perhaps Carlsberg have hit upon the hard-up financial sector workers who can no longer spend $3000 on a bottle of champagne, but will happily downgrade to a $350 bottle of beer.

Beer is usually one of the products that sees an increase in sales during economic recessions; it’s not known if this behavior is limited to low-priced beers or all categories. Just 600 bottles of the Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 have been brewed, so only the lucky/rich few will have a chance to enjoy it.

Cast your mind back to the affluent days of the mid-2000s and read on for more details on this unique product…


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