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What are you drinking?

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a legendary beer
A legendary beer : image courtesy of Der Toco

This blog is dedicated to providing refreshingly honest reviews of beers from around the world. All beers reviewed will be rated out of 10, with the few rare beers gaining the ultimate ‘legendary’ accolade.

In addition, we’ll showcase the world of beer drinking and home brewing and help you get set up with your own brewing operation. This blog will aim to inject some added beer enjoyment to your non-drinking hours. If you are attempting to read this during your drinking hours, then may I suggest you crack open a cold one and enjoy!

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What are you drinking?
A lot of people will say that you can tell a lot about a person by asking them what they drink. So, I’d like to kick things off and get to know you – the reader – by hearing about your number one beer.

I’ll go first… my favorite beer changes pretty much every month, but one of my perennial firm favorites is Erdinger. A legendary wheat beer from Germany, it positively shouts ‘summertime’ and is utterly drinkable, with deep citrus flavor and a reliable smoothness. When poured correctly in a suitable glass, Erdinger has a tremendous head of froth that sustains throughout the experience. A genuine king among wheat beers, it’s a pure joy to drink at any time of the year. You can expect a full LegendsOfBeer review of Erdinger in the future.

So… are you a light beer drinker, micro-beer lover, import-only drinker or fan of the mass market beers? What is your favorite beer? Where do you drink it, why is it your favorite and what’s so good about it?

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