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The secret history of beer

                  It’s well known that beer as a beverage dates very far back, although its original incarnations might be somewhat different than the lagers, ales, and stouts we’re used to quaffing today.

However, most people really don’t know how much influence beer wielded in ancient times. So we’re going to list a few interesting beer facts that come from a time long before kegerators and cushioned bar stools.

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412384_3553 A beer and a movie go very well together. However, unlike the amusement derived from spotting fictional beers in movies, the opposite can be said for the appearance of real beer brands on the big screen. Product placement is a lucrative business in films and beer companies are eagerly waiting to throw cash at film-makers willing to feature their brands.

As with all movie product placements, it’s only a problem when you actually notice it. When a camera lingers too long over a beer label or a character strays from the plot and starts extolling the virtues of his favorite beer, it becomes an irritating distraction. While we don’t expect every movie to avoid any depiction of real-world brands, there is no place for some of the naked advertising that manages to get included in movies.

We’ve assembled a collection of the 10 worst examples of the practice. These are the most blatant, shameless product placements for beer that you’re likely to see. Prepare yourself for cringe-inducing dialog, bad acting and some thinly-veiled commercials masquerading as feature films.


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duff We may take it for granted, but the fictional beers of TV and movies are some of the best loved brands in existence. Some of these beers have achieved the brand recognition and affection that major commercial beers can only dream of.

Some TV shows and movies will feature beers are a convenient plot device, but others take the time and effort to cultivate a bona fide beer brand, with tag lines, brewery scenes/episodes and a detailed history. It’s always fun to see characters drinking fictitious beers on screen. As there is no real product or company to protect, the scope for biting satire, commentary or simply plain inventiveness, is unlimited.

We searched long and hard and found 15 of the most prominent, well-loved and interesting fictional beers from TV and film. See how many you recognize!


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DSC_7269 Brewery: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

ABV: 6.8%

Review: This seasonal beer from Sierra Nevada truly lives up to its celebratory name. When poured, the ale has an appealing head and rich amber tones – perfectly designed for the cold winter drinking period. It’s a wonderful, medium bodied beer, with an initial malty taste followed by a delicious, pronounced hoppy flavor that stands up well throughout the tasting. As befitting a seasonal ale, this special brew has an intense flavor that makes this a true pleasure to drink. If you haven’t yet sampled this fine ale during the festive period, it would make an excellent choice for ringing in the New Year. 

Food pairing: There really is no need to pair this fine drink with food. However, it would make an excellent companion to the usual holiday party snacks, or indeed, a turkey sandwich.

LegendsOfBeer.com rating: 9 out of 10

Have you tasted Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale? Do you agree/disagree with our rating? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.


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615751_33445963 If you drink enough beer, you’ll probably be inspired to dream up some fantastic new inventions that would benefit mankind. For some people, they go beyond merely dreaming and create very unusual beer-related products. Some of these have novelty value, while others are simply quite surreal.

We have compiled 10 of the most bizarre and interesting for your wonder and amusement…

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957577_61346989Many households have a festive Christmas Eve tradition that involves leaving some liquid refreshment by the fireplace for Santa to enjoy when he visits during the night.

I can remember back to my own childhood when a bottle of Guinness was left out each year for the man in red. The bottle was always empty the next morning!

This year, I will be leaving out a bottle of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale on my fireplace. A wonderful seasonal ale, it has rich complex flavors and is surprisingly refreshing. I think Santa will appreciate that one.

Will you be leaving a beer out for Santa this year? If so, what beer will it be? 

If you don’t expect Santa to visit your house, what beer would you recommend to leave out? Which of the seasonal ales would be a good pick, and why? Leave a comment with your thoughts…

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

–Benjamin Franklin

Beer gets a bad rap. It’s blamed for so much of society’s ills, when it should be celebrated as one of the finest beverages created.

There are a number of persistent myths and urban legends about beer that are passed around that unfairly distort the facts and confuse beer drinkers.

At LegendsOfBeer.com, we’d like to set the record straight and explode 12 of the most common beer myths, for once and for all. So take a read of these myths and the truth behind them and start spreading the good beer news!

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