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movieticket Sometimes, movies will inspire you to drink a beer better than any commercial. Every now and then, a movie scene will inspire you to hit the pause button and dash to your fridge for your favorite brew.

In honor of this, we’ve compiled a set of classic beer-drinking movie scenes to remind you how movies and beer are the perfect pairing.

Of course, there is another category of movie that makes you want to reach for a beer because it’s so bad, but we’ll leave that for another day.

Photo by ka1970.


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The secret history of beer

                  It’s well known that beer as a beverage dates very far back, although its original incarnations might be somewhat different than the lagers, ales, and stouts we’re used to quaffing today.

However, most people really don’t know how much influence beer wielded in ancient times. So we’re going to list a few interesting beer facts that come from a time long before kegerators and cushioned bar stools.

Picture by irum.


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